iron star candle co.

new for our iron star brand is our Iron Star Candle Company.  we are thrilled to be creating in small batches elegantly-scented, clean-burning, soy wax candles.  the scent in this old farmhouse is delightful.  floral intermingling with seasonal/holiday.  warm sugar-related scents and fruit flavored ones.  from bourbon to wine.  we are constantly trying new ones and are definitely open to any that you may dream up, so let us know!  in the meantime, sit back, light a candle, cozy up with a book and enjoy some quiet solitude. or break out some appetizers and drinks, invite a few friends over, and light candles throughout the room in over-sized hurricane glasses.  either way, candlelight creates a feeling and an ambiance that means love, home, and happiness.  <3