about us

an 1870’s farmhouse surrounded by old arching maples and crooked fencing.

uneven and creaky but beautiful wide-plank floors.

goats, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, and children are running free.

barns are opened up wide to let in the fresh breeze and sunlight.

soap and candles are being made in small batches in the kitchen.

the scent of essential oils and botanicals stream through the house

amidst music, love, laughter, kids, and chaos.


soap - we produce hand-made, hand-cut, home-tested natural soap. we believe in doing things simply and naturally and want to nourish our skin with beneficial ingredients instead of chemically-laden commercial soaps.  most of our ingredients are organic.  they include: olive oil (moisturizing and mild), coconut oil (produces a fabulous lather), palm oil (makes for a harder bar of soap which means it lasts longer in the shower--about one month per bar per person), and shea butter (ultra-moisturizing).  we hope to educate others in how to care for their skin and encourage people to think naturally and environmentally whenever possible.  iron star soap-for healthy skin…..what a practical indulgence…...

candles - our candle line is brand new.  we are getting rave reviews for our smoke-free natural soy candles.  they are beautifully and generously infused with a variety of different scents and poured batch by batch in our old farmhouse kitchen.  we hope to create an atmosphere of relaxation, hope, and love with every candle you enjoy.  iron star candles-for a relaxed mind....

art--whimsical, colorful, original paintings by dawn barr.  thank you for looking....


 dawn weisser barr & jesse barr