thank you for visiting Iron Star Soap & Candle Co..  we're a small family-run business that believes in using healthy products for our bodies and our home.  we have made countless batches of natural, mostly organic soaps for many years, tweaking recipes as we go to provide a luscious, sweetly-scented, indulgent bar of soap.  many people enjoy giving iron star soap away as gifts, but we encourage you to use it as your everyday soap....you will almost immediately feel the difference and your body will thank you for using a natural and nourishing cleansing bar.  and don't worry....our bars are long lasting.  each bar will last one person about a month.....so enjoy, indulge, and let us know what you think.  our newest line of products is our generously-scented smoke-free soy candles.  we are getting amazing reviews so far.  they are calming and simple and beautiful.  we hope you try them out and enjoy.

new on our website are paintings by dawn barr.  they are whimsical, colorful creations depicting light, love, and energy.  thank you in advance for looking....

and thank you so much for supporting us at Iron Star Soap & Candle Co.